The Canadian Electrical Code is updated on an ongoing basis to establish
high standards for electrical installation to protect consumers against both fire and shock hazards.

A common electric source of fire hazard is overloaded circuits which if ignored
can weaken wire insulation, electrical connections and breakers in the panel.
Homeowners who are experiencing these problems may consider adding more circuits or upgrading their panel.  Aluminum wiring in older homes can be modified to a safer standard.

Changes to the Electrical Code in the past few years have made significant improvements to
eliminate sources of shock hazards in the home.
Upgrades that homeowner with older homes may want to consider are
the installation of  Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) receptacles in bathrooms,
kitchen and exterior locations.
All new receptacles in new construction or renovations must be tamper resistant,
and circuits in bedroom areas of the house must be protected by a arc fault breaker. © Illumina Electric 2012